Our Clients


CrossStream has been working with Vodacom for a number of years to optimise and mature their integration domain. CrossStream has enabled Vodacom to adapt to the changing technology strategy of the global organisation, which has involved migrating existing solutions onto other chosen technologies.

CrossStream continue to enhance the integration environment and guide its roadmap. This also includes migrating the platforms to newer versions and refactoring solutions to take advantage of the new capabilities available.

CrossStream bring expert knowledge to the table regarding integration as a practice and the expertise on the technology platform. We also assist and guide in putting in place a sound yet practical SOA governance process. Operationally we have helped forge sound practices and processes while at the same time bringing expert knowledge relating to the support for the chosen technology.

Key initiatives:

  1. Designing an integration infrastructure to support the future needs to the client, with enough capacity to migrate the disparate ESB’s onto one consolidated platform.
    The infrastructure will be designed to cater for:

    • Service policy enforcement, transformation, routing and simple orchestrations layer
    • Service orchestration, rules and correlation layer
    • Data integration layer for all ETL type processes which have been traditionally “fitted” into the above layers
    • Workflow layer for long lived process automation and the use of the human task container and BPM engines
  2. Migrating existing solutions onto the consolidated platform to reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership.
  3. Optimising the integration platform to reduce the complexity in supporting multiple operating systems and architectures.
  4. Extending the integration strategy to ensure:
    • EA alignment;
    • Patterns are harvested;
    • Principles are adhered to;
    • Guidelines are established; and
    • Decision Trees are defined to assist in solution architecture.
  5. Aligning the integration domain processes and practices with the broader organisation Project Management methods and helping mature the governance and organisation capabilities.